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Chairing Multi Agency Groups

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Charing multi-agency groups is a skill all of its own. Being able to decipher acronyms, leading on a family’s plan whilst keeping the parents or the young person on board is like juggling balls. Working to ensure everyone in the room is on the same journey at the same pace is always a meeting of worlds. We can offer a simple solution.

A course may cover:

  • The Leader – their job is not to control but to enable
  • Full exchange of information, challenging some information, challenging jargon or explaining jargon
  • How to conduct processes in a way which the family can contribute. Timing, advocacy, not diversionary. (Calder, 2001)
  • The need for potential exclusion and why it should be carefully considered per-conference and in writing
  • How to be aware of complex emotions (including your own)
  • Expecting (and demanding) good preparation from colleagues i.e. reports and process shared with parents
  • Criteria and process for a Plan consistently applied. Focus needs to always be on outcomes rather then the process. (Calder, 2001)
  • Appeals and complaints procedures carefully explained to all
  • Use of language and being a human dictionary

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